About Lightleader
  Lightleader Co., Ltd. is dedicated in R&D, manufacture and marketing of new type photoluminescent products.
Founded in 2001, LightLeader has given priority to the traditional Zinc Sulfide base photoluminescent pigment. We start to produce the new type of Strontium Aluminates-Silicates base photoluminescent pigment since 2003 with a view to the technology revolution. With a head office in Dalian China and with offices and agents throughout the world, Lightleader is destined to become a world leader in providing top quality photoluminescent products.
Besides photoluminescent pigment, more and more photoluminescent products made of this kind of material have been successfully developed. All LightLead products-photoluminescent pigment, photoluminescent tape and sheet, phosphorescent signs, glow plastic, glow yarn, luminous thread, glow rope, glow fabric, glow in the dark clothing, glow stones, glow toy and gift, photoluminescent safety products, phosphorescent ceramic, glowing glass, glow paint and ink, etc. have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Some of LightLead products have been patented from the State Intellectual Property Office of China.
Sticking to the tenet of "Profession brings trust", Lightleader creates the luminous possibilities for homes and industries application to light the world and lead the way.