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LightLead Photoluminescent Tape is made of photoluminescent pigment based on alkaline earth aluminates, so it has good absorbing-storing-emitting effect which can continuously glow in the dark for over 12 hours after absorbing various of visible light and UV light for 5-10 minutes. The photoluminescent effect with its high initial brightness drops gradually over time but remains visible to the eye adapted to the darkness.
LightLead Photoluminescent Tape delivers amazing flexibility for use as an important safety product. You can easily paste the photoluminescent Tape to anywhere you want, also can be cut into any graph, figure and pattern, or be screen-printed. It not only can be used in decoration, public places (such as hotel, corridor, building, warehouse etc.), but also the sports goods, toys, switch, handle, telephone and electrical equipments etc.
LightLead Photoluminescent Tape is based on polyvinyl chloride, acryl or polyester. It is compatible with IMO Resolution A. 752 (18), ASTM, UL 924, DIN 67510, BS 5499, APTA SS-PS-004-99, S.A.B.S. 1186, ETL, NBR 13 434, SS 364, etc.
LightLead Photoluminesent Sheet is based on aluminium, vinyl and acryl are available.