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Imagine a family of plastic products with intriguing, glow-in-the-dark effects, one that offers multiple options in glow duration, intensity, color and price. At Lightleader Company, we not only imagined it, we made it a reality.

LightLead glow plastic masterbatch are particularly for certain resins such as PP, PA , ABS, PC, etc. By injection, extrusion and blowing molding, you can use glow plastic pellets directly to make glow plastic products. Our standard percentage of the photoluminescent pigment in the glow plastic pellets is 25% and 50%. The brightness and afterglow time of your finished products could be adjusted by yourself by adding more resins into the compounds. In order to make your photoluminescent finished products get various colors, you can choose photoluminescent pigment in different colors. Otherwise, you can also use dyes/pigment to colorize it. But the dyes/pigment can definitely affect the brightness and afterglow time of the finished products. One with higher brightness and use light color dyes/pigment to minimize the loss of the brightness.

Lightleader Company offers both glow masterbatches as well as custom glow compounds to meet your glow-in-the-dark needs.