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LightLead glow yarn is a new patented product owned by our company. The yarn is made of fine photoluminescent pigment. Besides it can be used as common yarn, it can glow in the dark. The surface of the textiles made from it is smooth and they are non-radioactivity, harmless and nontoxic, soft and they have good aging resistance.

The application of this yarn is so vary to cover from various kinds of threads for embroidery, fabrics for cloth, boa material for stuff toys, jacquard material for bags, straps for shoes up to rope for rescue and climbing.

Glow polyester yarn, glow polypropylene yarn and glow nylon yarn are available. Glow polyester staple fiber 1.5 deniers up can be available. Glow chip used for glow yarn are also supplied as customer's request.

More glow products, such as glow stuff bears, glow socks, glow underwear and lingerie, glow fabric, glow hair, glow threads and ropes, glow carpets and rugs, etc are available.