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What can I do with the PL pigment?


Almost anything that you want to make it glow. 

You can mix it into a transparent or semi-transparent medium such as resin, wax, paint, ink, paste, plastics, rubber, fabric, caulking, ceramic glaze, glue, nail-polish etc. There are numerous industrial applications for safety, for novelty, for fun, for household using in arts and crafts. PL pigment can meet expectation of all purposes above-mentioned. Some detailed applications, such as PL egress signs, sudden darkness orientate system, outline marking, cell phone case, keyboard cover pad, art-candles, screen-printing ink, night-glow shirts, toys, clothes, pavement walk-brick, glass mosaic, glass drinking cups, garden decoration lights, etc., have been applied.
More application ideas are welcomed to share with us, we are pleased to work with you together to get a perfect finished product.